Breathing life into regulatory change

...and helping you to navigate the complex and uncertain world of financial regulation


From a established banks to new FinTechs, I am here to guide you through regulatory changes and work with you to create innovative solutions that ensure your firm is protected from regulatory and reputational risk. 


Developing technology to help regulated firms meet their regulatory obligations requires a deep understanding of the issues that cause them the most pain. I can provide these insights so you can develop products that will meet your customers’ needs.


I can provide specialist expertise to assess the technical quality of your risk and regulatory projects and / or deepen the regulatory knowledge within your organization through a bespoke training programme.

 INTRODUCING THE REG DOCTOR                               

Dr Sian Lewin

I am an expert in financial regulation and have over twenty years of experience managing regulatory change for large financial institutions. I have worked with banks such as JP Morgan, UBS, HBOS and RBS to build their regulatory strength in response to new regulatory requirements, from initial scoping through to implementation.

I have spent time diagnosing regulatory compliance issues, and helping to restore or improve the regulatory health of financial organizations.

I also specialise in project and programme management and enjoy creating order and structure in dynamic situations of uncertainty and complexity.

In 2017, I was awarded a PhD from the London School of Economics. My systematic research explored the challenges that banks faced in dealing with the volume and speed of regulatory change following the 2008 financial crisis.

More recently, I have been working independently with a variety of organizations such as early stage RegTechs and professional services firms. I am also teaching on the MSc in Regulation at the LSE and hold a visiting  post-doc research fellowship with Copenhagen Business School.

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